To Love and Be Loved

Bob Marley wrote, “Could you be loved then be loved.”

 “The Cry Of Our Children,” Ruth Garnes’ poetic anthology, contains questions that bear her deep thoughts on the subject of love. It becomes evident that Ruth sees love of self and love of others as intertwined, as if individuals who don’t have self-love have difficulty expressing love.

As a result, she encourages readers to have and show love and compassion to all.

Her hope is that her creative writings will raise awareness of the need to focus more on what is important and less on aesthetics. 

Ruth says, “There’s a greater need in our world to hold each other up instead of tearing each other down.

“In order for there to be less mental health issues, we need to lessen indifference and blanket the world with love. However, we need a treatment plan that addresses trauma and abuse of yesteryear.

“Trauma and abuse affects families and not just the poor or certain races. Abuse is an illness of epic proportion that is not easily identifiable. It exists behind a smiling face and in the lives of immaculately dressed individuals.

“The first step to addressing trauma is to recognize how it affects us, and then we can use countermeasures to aid with healing.  At times – perhaps creating safe spaces. Other times, it’s as simple as helping an individual develop healthy coping skills. Poetry writing, storytelling, and rap battles have historically been how African Americans cope with trauma and self-expression in the form of art, which continues to mend the broken. My creative work gave me a measure of peace, and I would like to see my creativity do the same for others.

“My Songs by Ruth, creative work focuses on empowering women without sexualizing them. Her goal is to encourage listeners who might have given up hope, and to also produce songs with positive messages.”

Ruth’s songs Powerful, Go Girl Go and The Brave, which says, “Be Strong, know the Brave takes a stand, just like Malala a woman from Pakistan” were all written to empower women.

Ruth Garnes is a former registered nurse whose creative writings focus on her personal experiences and in encouraging others in their own life journey.

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