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The Cry of Our Children

This book is a series of poems of love and perseverance in the face of struggles. It promotes love as the answer to social issues. Based on the writes own experiences she believes that the way we love affects every aspect of our life including our community.

Fantasy or My Reality

A series of poems of love, courage, commitment and endearment dedicated to hurting children everywhere.

When I reflect back, it is as if a single conversation triggered my life’s journey, the twists and turns it took brought me to this exact moment.

In the late eighties I worked as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital Center. One day, when I was the triage nurse, a rather handsome looking fellow came in. I still remember that he was in great physical shape and did not appear to be someone who needed attention in the Emergency Room. Being a nurse, facing death was not a new experience [Read more…]

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