Eyes On The future

I believe that we, as humans, are imbued with a spiritual essence and a distinct purpose on this Earth. Our paths may not always be clear, but our experiences often carve out and illuminate our destinies. Our society requires a diverse array of roles for efficient functioning; not everyone can be in the limelight as Actors, athletes and entertainers. The unsung heroes like farmers and laborers are the backbone of our survival, yet the current valuation of labor fails to reflect their indispensable contribution, diminishing their quality of life. 

Each person is endowed with divine gifts and talents, but life’s adversities can prevent many from harnessing and nurturing these abilities. Women and children are often the casualties of hardships, and trauma that can immobilize them and impair the well-being of future generations. I have borne witness to this reality and channeled my own anguish into creative expressions—songs and poems that form the anthology “The Cry of Our Children.” 

A reader once advised me to seek happiness and envision a future. In my ideal world, compassion would eclipse materialism, and human life would be treasured above all possessions. A world where equality in the eyes of God transcends skin color, wealth, and gender, recognizing our inherent worth as human beings. Our societal roles, while varied, should not lead to disparities. 

Through my music and creative writing, I aspire to shift focus from the trivial to the meaningful, to uplift rather than tear down. Addressing the root causes of mental health issues, such as trauma and abuse, is crucial. They are not confined to the impoverished or specific ethnicities; they ripple through all strata of society. My vision for the future is to forge escape routes for those trapped in abusive situations. I believe safeguarding women by providing safe havens is the first step toward global healing. Even affluent women trapped in abusive marriages face barriers to freedom, suffering alongside their children. 

While I have yet to fulfill my ultimate goal, I empower women through my music, celebrating their strength without objectification. Songs like “Powerful” and “The Brave” are anthems of encouragement, echoing the resilience of figures like Malala, the brave Pakistani woman who stood up for her beliefs. My life’s journey, marked by trials, has inspired these words. Fulfilling this mission is my life’s purpose.


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